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About The Jewelry


Made to Glorify believes that your real life story can be a life-source to others. By wearing jewelry that is lovingly hand-stamped to reflect what specific scripture means to you, and what your faith has personally brought you through, you shine new light for people God sends your way. It’s a beautiful way to follow Jesus, and let your life be His gospel.


Create Your Own™ pieces are personalized so that as you wear them, they feel like part of who you are, and who you are becoming as you commit your chosen verse to memory. The True Story™ collection invites you to wear some of the most beloved and favorite Biblical promises, so that you can shine them into your own soul and out for others to believe. Every Made to Glorify creation will speak to your heart as you wear it, and uplift others as they ask about why your jewelry says what you chose.

Handmade & heartfelt.

Made to Glorify jewelry is on a mission from God: to inspire a world in need. More than just accessorizing, your creations are prayed over that they may glorify. Their striking and simple nature is strategic…reminding the wearer it’s not just about making you look good (although they certainly are eyecatching!). It’s about showing the beauty of our Savior to someone else, because you’ve committed His truths to heart.

Each letter on every hand-stamped piece is hammered in by hand individually and slowly, one letter at a time…for a random, uneven, organic effect. It’s MTG’s way of making your creations unlike anyone else’s, and esteeming our God-given, glorious “imperfections.”

Every piece includes a custom-written, prayer-inspired scripture card that can serve as soul food for your pocket, wallet or dashboard…or a timely gift to someone else.

Currently scripture cards will reflect the most recent NIV. If you prefer a different version for your chosen scripture (for example, KJV, ASV, The Message….) simply use the Contact MTG page to indicate your preference once you’ve placed your order.

As always, I love to personalize your enclosed scripture card with whatever version of the scripture you prefer…just Contact MTG and let me know.


Made to Glorify creations are personally handcrafted when ordered, not pre-made.

For that reason, please allow 2 weeks for delivery of your order.

If you need it rushed for an anniversary, birthday, sacrament or other special deadline, please just use the Contact MTG page to let me know, once your order is placed, and I’ll do my very best to get your creations to you in time.

Every piece embraces that you are a unique treasure, and have a lifelong story to tell that glorifies the author of your faith.


On this site is only a sampling of what is possible with God. Truth is, with God all things are possible (Matt. 19:26). That’s why I invite custom requests. I’ve been so blessed to customize designs for extraordinary ministries including Bethany Christian Services, Sweet Monday, Vessels of Mercy, Thirty-One Gifts, and more.

Do you need a piece that reflects your church mission statement? Your organization’s color scheme? Your team’s driving principle? Your Women’s Retreat theme? Your Bible Study’s pledge? Please email via the Contact MTG page and tell me what you envision, or ask for ideas. Divine conversation that encourages discipleship is my first love.

Yours faithfully,

Lia Martin